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    Looking for advice for a very long and heavy web page

    Danilo Salvego Level 1

      Hey friends, how is everybody?


      I've just finished a recent and personal project about a photographic diary I've made on Instagram for 3 years. Now I'm launching a web site telling this story and I need some technical advice from you. Here's the web page: Um diário escrito com os olhos  - It's in Portuguese, so don't bother reading if you don't know the language. I'm planning to release an english version soon


      Some considerations first:


      - Yeah, the web page HAS to be available in one single page.For this project to work we want to make it without buttons or menus. So, yeah, That's a lot to load.

      - The page total size is 14 mb. I'm considering to put the video on youtube and to link the webfonts to the Google servers, that should optimize the load a little.

      - It's a fluid webpage but the mobile version is not ready yet. I'm planning to add breakpoints this week.


      Now the help I need from you guys. If you know anything that can help me, I'll appreciate a lot. Thanks in advance.


      - When testing the web site on slow connections I noticed that the whole page has to be fully downloaded before it's shown to the user. So, until everything is downloaded, webfonts, images and video, the page is shown empty. On Microsoft Edge even the loading icon stops. It looks like the webpage froze or something. So, is there a way to make the page to be shown while everything is being downloaded? That would be great if at least the text could be shown while all the photos or the video are being downloaded. Is there anything that I can do on Muse to change the loading order of the page elements?


      - Do you know if is there a way, or a plugin, or a widget, or a script to download the content as the user scroll the page? This is very common in recent web sites, but I can't find anything on how to apply it on Muse.


      - Also I'm considering a preloader and I'm testing several (free) widgets that promises that. Anyone can recommend one that's reliable?


      All the three questions are independent, not related to each other. I'm not planning to apply all of them into this project, but the most efficient one.


      This is it. Thanks again for any help. My best regards.

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          fotoroeder Adobe Community Professional

          Like the site, although my portuguese is quite rudimentary .


          1) on my side it loads pretty fast – I cannot see any issues on my side.

          Site Loading Optimizer for AdobeMuse  Found this widget – I recommend to use 3rd party widgets as little as possible, though.

          2) There´s one widget: Scroll Reveal Widget by MuseThemes for Adobe Muse

          and you may find some more at musewidgets.com

          3) I cannot recommend a certain preloader. Here in this forum sometimes the preloader causes more issues than solutions.

          As long as the page loads quickly as in my case, there´s no need to use one.


          I also recommend to have a look at Spark from Adobe which might be in your CC account integrated as well:

          Bildschirmfoto 2018-02-15 um 15.06.32.png

          It could help with speed and responsiveness in one step. But a real drawback (as your design, fonts, etc. is quite nice) with spark, there are some harsh limitations using fonts and graphic elements. But you could give it a try.

          Integration at this point might be best with musegrid.com. It needs a subscription, unfortunately , to use their widget.


          Best Regards,


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            Danilo Salvego Level 1

            Hey Uwe, thanks for your answer


            Ok, let me answer every suggestion you made:


            1) Unfortunately here in Brazil not everyone has fast internet access. So, I'm just trying to make sure that everyone can access this web site as fast as they can. I personally have a 30 mb optic fiber in my place and the web site is being loaded in 10s. Not everyone has this speed available in Brazil.


            still 1)  Site Loading Optimizer for AdobeMuse didn't work at all. Even adding the widget into the page, or into the master, the loading speed still the same. Nothing changed.


            2) Scroll Reveal Widget by MuseThemes for Adobe Muse is a good widget, but it only adds an animation to show the images in a specific order and doesn't change the download order of it. So, the site has to be downloaded completely before the image is revealed by the widget.


            3) I tried several preloaders. None have worked. Curiously the webpage has to be downloaded 100% before the loading animation to appear, so there's no use.


            also 4) Spark it is a good solution, but not in this case. This is a tailor made website. No chance to use a Spark template.




            So, I still looking for help, if anyone could provide some, specially about the loading order of all elements that compose a web page. Why Muse force the browser to download everything before show us the page? Am I able change that? Any hints?


            Thanks in advance for any help.

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              Danilo Salvego Level 1

              Started a new discussion here: Stretch to browser width forces page to be downloaded completely before display it


              It looks like that one single rectangle set to stretch to browser is causing this problem.


              I'll post here my findings...


              Thanks again

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