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    Hyperlinks work in browser preview, but not on server


      My website is here: www.ericjanimation.com



      Until recently, it worked - but I made an update to one page (switched out a video) and now I have this problem. I've also updated to the latest Muse version.


      The first 3 (left to right) state buttons work, but the last two don't give any tooltip as though they're not set up. When I look at the project in Muse the hyperlinks for them appear set up properly. Weirder still, when I preview in browser the whole site works correctly.


      So I upload to FTP, and the video I had updated is displaying properly (which tells me things are being updated) - but those last two pages are always inaccessible. I've also selected 'upload all files' to try and refresh everything, but to no avail.


      There's also a warning about clearing the cache and contact the website owner when try using Firefox, Edge ect.


      What the Hey is going on here? Please assume I'm a complete moron about website jargon when writing your answer... that will help me greatly