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    Merging Several CHM files at Runtime

      The software system I am documenting is very modular and can be customized and packaged using different components for each installation. I would like to create a modular help system for this product that would merge about 20-30 CHM files at runtime. This would allow us to replace the help when a specific feature has been updated without overwriting the entire help system.

      I have found a few websites that cover runtime merging with files stored on a server, but since our software is installed in factory settings, there are often strict limits on server or Internet-based applications. I am trying to find a way to merge the files that are stored on the local computer when the help is started. I did find one site (helpware.com) that provides details on how to do this using Microsoft HTML HELP Workshop. But I'm having trouble using that method with CHM files that have been created in RoboHelp.

      Has anyone ever done this? Is there someone at Adobe who might be able to provide some tips on how this might be done (if it can be done at all)? I'm using the Tech Comm Suite to port my content from FrameMaker, and would LOVE to use Adobe products for building the entire system.

      Any help is greatly appreciated!

      Kim Babinski