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    Extra long pages?

      Hi :)

      I'm having a problem where frames containing extra long text (i.e., spanning several page scrolls) get messed up, with the text being cut off at the top and bottom of the frame and other components not showing up. Has anyone encountered this problem, or does anyone know how this can be solved?

      Thank you so much!
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          slaingod Level 1
          A Flex component can only be 10000 pixels wide or long (for images, maybe less for some others).

          mx:Text has a cut off less than this, as far as text length, but you can use TextArea to put more data in, and disable editing to achieve the same result.

          You can always use ExternalInterface/javascript to pop up a div where you need the data as well if you don't have any hard core interactions you need to deal with, just data display.

          Otherwise, you can manually pagination/scrollinate in response to scroll/page events. In general this is best, because drawing and laying out huge amounts of text in Flex can take non-trivial time (10+ seconds).