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    Footer Problem Question

    M_G6 Level 2

      Can someone tell me the procedure for making a 100px tall footer, full browser width, that remains fixed to the bottom of the browser window, no matter how the browser window is resized? I tried making this is the footer area of my master page, but it will not stay with the browser window when it is resized. Well it travels upward briefly with the resize, but then stops at a certain point and will be hidden, once I resize the browser window upward. "Sticky Footer" option in page prefs is checked.



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          Günter Heißenbüttel Adobe Community Professional

          „Sticky footer“ keeps the footer at the bottom of the browser window, even if your page length won’t fill the whole page.

          If the page length is higher than your actual browser window, the footer is placed at the end of the page – what means in this case, it won’t be visible in all situations.

          To have a „footer“ element always at the bottom of the browser window, don’t use a „footer“,

          1. assign this pinning option to the element
          2. and afterwards drag it to the very bottom edge of your page.
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            M_G6 Level 2

            Ok, I see this works, thanks. But it only displays correctly (and by "correctly", I mean the footer sits in front of the page's main content when the browser window's size is reduced) if I create the footer on a page which contains my main content (like my Home page, for example), and the footer is assigned to the topmost layer.


            If I create the sticky footer on the Master page, the Home page content sits in front of the sticky footer when the browser window size is reduced. It begs the question, is there a way to make the content on a Master page display in front of content on my Home page?

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              fotoroeder Adobe Community Professional

              Put the footer on your master in the top most layer and take care that on your pages nothing is in that layer.

              Layers work site wide and not only page wide.


              Best Regards,


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                M_G6 Level 2

                Yes this works perfectly. Many thanks.


                (Sorry I tried to give you both credit for correct answer, but of course I could only tag one.)