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    Need to get rid of blue corner.

    amyb4862461 Level 1

      I have tried to get rid of this blue corner, with the Clone Tool but it turns out sloppy.  What can I do?  It should have the fabric pattern there.


      10-09 thru 05-10 241.jpg

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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 8

          I cannot make out that specific part of the pattern in the rest of the image so where should it come from?

          If you don’t have other images available I suppose you could use the part to the left of the cat’s head (as a Smart object preferably) and use Adjustment Layers to amend its brightness and color.

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            davescm Adobe Community Professional


            Like it or not, I don't think you are going to avoid a bit of cloning. Remember you can flip the clone stamp vertically/horizontally as you sample and stamp.




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              jane-e Adobe Community Professional

              Nice retouching, Dave!

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                Ronald Keller Level 4

                Very well done!

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                  amyb4862461 Level 1

                  I can't get over what you did...it looks great, what a beautiful job you did!


                  Can I have my retouched photo back?

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                    jane-e Adobe Community Professional

                    Amy, show us what you have so far following Dave's directions with layers.


                    Notice the original layer is duplicated and there is a layer mask.


                    The next layer is the Shadow layer, which is selected so we can see it is set to Multiply with a drop in Opacity.


                    The cloning is on its own layer, and Dave gave a big hint about flipping it. I will tuck nicely under the top cat layer.


                    The original image is sitting at the bottom, untouched.


                    What part do you need help with?

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                      amyb4862461 Level 1

                      Sorry for the late reply. 


                      I'm not as proficient at understanding the directions as I thought I was and took all the information over to my local camera store.  They knew what David had done but being in the shop working they couldn't really devote too much time for me.  However, they're holding a 3-day Photoshop workshop in April and I will get the attention I need then.


                      I can't tell you how brilliantly I think David's fixing up of my shot looks;  but I have to learn how to do it myself.


                      Thank you for all your help.

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                        davescm Adobe Community Professional


                        Getting some training is a great way to go forward.

                        I didn't keep the demo I did in the earlier post (for forum demos I tend just to do them, post them, then delete). However if you are having a try yourself and get stuck just post on the forum and I or others here will try and help you.


                        I was not sure how experienced you were when I posted earlier , so I will try and expand on my comments.


                        When you use the clone stamp tool you normally sample an area then paint onto another area. The cloned painting is shifted and the same way round as the source image. However if you go to the Clone Source panel (open it using menu Window >Clone Source) you can click to reverse the cloned image horizontally or vertically as you paint. That is how I painted the right side with a mirror image of the left side.


                        As you can hopefully see in the earlier post, I tend to do this cloning onto an empty layer , that way it is easy to correct or go back simply by erasing the cloned image on the blank layer. 


                        At the top is a duplicate of the original image but with a mask.  When a mask is added to a layer, where the mask is white the layer pixels are visible, where the mask is black then the layer pixels are transparent and the layer(s) below show through. So in this case it shows the cat on the top layer but the cushion area is transparent allowing the cloned and original layers to show through.


                        Finally I brushed the shadows onto an empty layer with a soft brush. This adds a bit of realism. The layer is set to multiply which means that it will darken the image below it.


                        I hope that helps you to get started



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                          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

                          Now I don't know how well this will work, but there's a trick fore using Content Aware Fill in this situation, and that is to copy just the areas you want to be sourced from, to a new layer, like this

                          I can see I have missed a bit in the image above, but I have fixed it below.  So fingers crossed for a half decent result

                          Not too bad, but I used two goes with Content Aware Fill, removing some of the selection for the second pass.

                          When doing stuff like this, I like to copy the mail subject to a new layer, and move it to the top of the stack so that the fixes are overlapped underneath it.  This gives you other options like increasing the size of the cat or subject to increase its overlapping the fixed area.  I'd do a bit of work matching the tones as well, but You'll know how to do that.

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