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    PhotoshopCC 2015 - Move tool changing layer order

    Desidus Level 1

      Doesn't seem to matter what I do the move tool now changes the layer to the top of the layer order. I was looking around the boards but all of them were answered with the fact that "auto-select - layer" was turned on, but mine is off (tried turning it on and off anyways, but it didn't change anything). It originally started with a 2 linked layers, but I tried single layers as well and it is still happening. Oddly enough all my layers were out of order when I opened the file yesterday, but even then I didn't have this issue (As you can imagine I am getting annoyed with layer problems).


      So will those smarter, wiser, more knowledgeable, helpful, and benevolent people of the world please help solve my problem and bring one more useless comic into this world...