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    GPS Location in Lightroom changed to home location from camera recorded GPS location

    rogerjm Level 1

      I have a Canon 5D Mark IV, which records GPS location data, with altitude data correctly.  However, when I import the picture files with GPS data into Lightroom CC(same with LR 6), the GPS location in the file is changed to my home location.  I recently shot nearly 6500 pictures (jpg and raw) throughout Tanzania, and I checked the GPS location data while in the camera.  The GPS data changed with the location as I moved around the country.


      When the files were imported into LR CC, the GPS data was recorded as my home location.  The Tanzania GPS location data was overwritten my home GPS location. 


      Yesterday, i shot a picture on my iPhone at a local Costco 13 miles from my home.  I checked the iPhone GPS data and it correctly showed the location where the picture was taken.  However, when imported into LR CC, the GPS data was changed to my home location.


      How can I prevent this change from happening?  I like being able to use the LR map function, but everything is recorded as being shot at my home, which, of course, is not accurate.  I know I can manually change things, but with thousands of pictures this can be very time consuming.


      Thanks for all help on this problem.