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    Form field properties change with javascript

    debbiec2005 Level 1

      I have a pdf that has 2 form fields that work fine. Then we have to merge them with a file from another vendor. When I do this, the properties go a little haywire. The copy is still in the form field, but the the font color is white. When I open the properties, it says it's set to black, but if I click the color palette and choose black again, then the color shows. There are over 1,000 pdfs that get merged on the fly. We don't want to open every pdf and do this change each month.  Is there any way to set up a batch process or watched folder or something I'm not aware of using javascript that would automatically reselect the black font color for the entire 1,000+ files? Thank you for your help with this in advance. And if I've put this question on the wrong forum, I apologize.