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    Creative Cloud- no thanks...headed to Gimp I guess


      Not that Adobe cares about my humble opinion...but as a user of Ps since about '99, I gotta say the whole CC approach sucks for a user like me. Slow internet and a computer that is already pretty full. Ps CC just makes it all bog down to useless. I've had full versions of CS for a long time and there's no viable option for me. I just wanted to voice my complaint. I know there's a lot of defenders, but you probably have fast internet and fast computers.

      No more outright versions...can't function without the stupid CC. sigh...you've lost a 20 year customer to your new biz model. A customer willing to fork over $100's for a stable one-time version.

      Guess I'll try out Gimp or paintshop or something else. This sucks Adobe! I've seen so many other threads on the internet of people in a similar situation. The CC opens in the background no matter what you do. Takes up precious bandwidth and RAM...

      or if someone could just upgrade a few tools in elements would be fine. Elements runs like I wish Ps full would run. Check your task manager and see how much crap Ps CC opens up when you run it. It's ridiculous. A crying freakin' shame actually. Seems like Adobe is just trying to bleed me dry. Anyways. just wanted to complain, nothing more.

      Ps CC sucks!