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    Acrobat DC Send and Track Add-in for Outlook 2016 Missing


      Any thoughts on why the Send and Track add-in for Outlook 2016 would be missing?  I've been over a number of old questions related to plug-ins and found suggestions on Microsoft and Adobe sites but have not come up with any good answers.  What I know and have done so far:


      • Verfied the client has Acrobat DC installed - this is the version that has a supported 2016 add-in for Send & Track.  In fact the client with issues is the only one that does not appear to have this feature working and it worked at one point.
      • Tried rebuilding the Outlook profile.
      • Had the user re-install Acrobat DC install.
      • In Outlook 2016, options, add-ins, I removed both Adobe related add-ins and then added them again.
      • Verified the Registry had the LoadBehavior for Outlook/Adobe set to "3" which is to always load (no suppression if it felt it loaded too slowly)
      • Checked registery for another value that someone suggested as a way to HIDE things on the toolbar, just in case this somehow was set.  Did not exist.


      From the surface everything is in place.  But open the Outlook client up and button simply doesn't exist.  I don't think MIcrosoft well be helpful in this case.  Wondering if anyone has a suggestion OR if there is a way I can get the user in touch with Adobe support to step through this.

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          carved151 Level 1

          Having a same-ish issue.  The Send & Track "COM Add-In" frequently unchecks and disables itself,  disappearing from Outlook (2016/Win).  I use CC and Acrobat DC — latest updates — which installs the Add-In by default. I can usually go to FILE > OPTIONS > Add-Ins > COM Add-Ins and "re-check" it to re-enable. I lost track of a user suggestion posted somewhere about a (different) registry key setting I was going to try. So this is just a pain in the *** since I use Send & Track daily.


          Send & Track worked great for a long time and I'm guessing the Win 10/Creators update is the villain. It's messed up a fair amount my system, even Microsoft products. But I'm sick to death of re-installs and roll-backs, so I'm living with it. After many years, I've also found Adobe to be super pokey in resolving Windows issues — although I'm paying the same $$$ for the CC subscription as Mac users.


          So I'm not too optimistic about this. Hope someone has some other ideas that might work short of Microsoft and Adobe getting it together.

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            carved151 Level 1

            Adobe, any insight on this?  Anyone want to give an answer to why Send & Track for Outlook won't work as designed?