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    Photoshop on Mac adds to selection


      I am using a three-year-old 17" iMac and a one-year-old HP laptop side-by-side. I find they each have their strengths for different projects but usually run Photoshop (The latest version of Photoshop CC, updated yesterday) on the Mac because of the bigger screen.


      My current problem is with selecting a portion of an image and cutting it out from the rest, the hot tub and hose in the image below. The Mac insists on adding the white foreground to the selection. I am using the Pen tool and selecting carefully, something I've done many times before, then go into Paths panel and load the path to a selection. When I do this the Mac adds  the white foreground to the selection. I've done it 3 times now on each machine, even re-starting Photoshop on the Mac and get the same result: The Mac adds to the selection and the PC selects the exact path I traced with the Pen tool._1250179.JPG


      Anyone have any ideas?