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    New Features Guide CS — CC2018 by James Wamser

    Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

      If you don't already subscribe to ProDesignTools occasional newsletter, then you might be missing out.  Jim has some amazing content like the 20 free eBooks — Pixel Perfect Precision is a must have for budding graphic designers, and the index he does for the >200 hours of MAX videos every year is a godsend.  Today's newsletter features this guide from James Wamser

      James has a similar guide for Photoshop going all the way back to CS (8.0) and 2003 that could save time the time some asks why should up to CC from CS2 that does everything they need.  The guides are not PDF but rather run in a web browser.  It took me a moment to work out how to navigate — the hotlinks at the bottom of the pages are obvious, but you need the left and right cursor keys to move page to page.  The page numbers in the index are also live.


      So thanks James for putting it together, and thanks Jim for making us aware of it.


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