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    Lightroom Classic 7.2 Issues?

    coracle77 Level 1

      Is anyone else having performance issues after installing version 7.2?  Since I've updated on my Mac, I'm seeing significant slow-downs, functions not working (requiring relaunch), etc.  Any suggestions?

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          coracle77 Level 1

          Additional info:  Filtering or flagging takes an extended amount of time... images will disappear for up to 30 seconds before coming back filtered, color coding slow, sync to LR Mobile showing intermittent issues, context menus grayed out for minutes.  I had zero issues with the previous version.

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            brianh40180881 Level 1

            I'm having tons of problems with this release, which I have never seen before.  It hangs, menus fly out without invoking them, it looses files edited in Photoshop, and the catalog backup hangs.  Definitely something gravely wrong.

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              WobertC Adobe Community Professional

              To both posters- I have updated LR-Classic7.2  (& Photoshop, Bridge, ACR) on my Windows Desktop and Dell XPS13 laptop.  Both systems are running LR fast and well with no problems (yet found )


              First try a reset of the Preferences file. Resetting Preferences in Lightroom CC/6


              and from my past experiences with problems I can also suggest the following-

              1) Backup your Catalog and Photo files to a secure location.

              2) Use the CC Desktop App to Un-install  Lightroom (and Photoshop)

              3) Download and run the Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool to remove all Adobe 'stuff'.

              Use the Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool to solve installation problems

              4) Open the CC Desktop App and Install Lightroom (& Photoshop)


              All this sounds drastic, and it does take time and effort, but a clean fresh install can fix many problems.

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                Same here.
                After updating, lightroom behaves oddly.

                • Import:
                  • 1:1 Preview rendering won´t work! After copying the files it still stays on 1% creating 1:1 Previews, no progress, even after 10 min. And we are talking about 10 36mpix files.
                • Library-modul:
                  • to mark pictures with flags, color labels and stars take nearly 20 Sek to show
                • Develop-Module:
                  • Export-dialog takes at least 30 Sec. to show.
                  • Exporting to Photoshop lets photoshop crash. After restarting Photoshop it says that there is something wrong with the graphic driver (wich hasn´t changed). After clicking graphic acceleration on again (Photoshop) it works again.
                  • Exporting to other programs (NIK, Topaz) takes a lot more time and sometimes crashed the application.

                After this brief view of the newest update. I won´t update my main machine. This is a BIG disappointment!


                My machines run on Windows, least 16gb ram and all Catalogfiles and working files are placed on SSD´s. 4GB Graphic cards.

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                  hansv14851564 Level 1

                  same problems om mac pro high sierra. with and without GPU support

                  LR 7.2 hardly responding to any request. What i see is that metadata of a selected picture does not load, this seems to hold down other activities like switching to develop mode, exporting or engaging external editors. Cannot shutdown LR 7.2 (wheel keeps spinning). need Force Quit.

                  reverted back to 7.1 , all problems solved.

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                    Waxilium Level 1


                    After resetting the lightroom preferences, the issue with the 1:1 previews on import is gone.

                    culling is back to normal.

                    lightroom export to photoshop still results in a photoshop-crash, but only when photoshop isn´t running, and had to start fresh.

                    If photoshop is running everything is normal, and lightroom transfers the picture to photoshop as usual.

                    Exporting to other programms (plugins) seems to work proper.


                    If i have time left i will install cc clean again and give notice how that went.


                    As far as it concerns me, my thinkpad works fine, the update there went smooth.

                    My stationary windows machine is the one that has the problems (wich a few less since resetting the preferences).

                    My main stationary workstation is staying at 7.1 since i am assured that it will work like it should.


                    greetings from austria, thanks for the help!

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                      7.2 the most buggy version

                      stopped syncing to the cloud

                      preview does not show

                      moved back to 7.1


                      macbook pro 2017 15

                      i7-2,9 16g

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                        ExFangman Level 1

                        Like many others, I am regretting updating to Classis CC.  My main problem is uploading files as usually the first attempt just hangs and even when uploading from a file or card it seems to take so much longer than there previous version.  Like others often when quitting i am forced into force quitting.  I still have the 2015 version and am seriously considering going back to that.  iMac 27in running high Sierra,  I use Lightroom to run charity photo booths and rapid uploading is essential.  Did i see that this was supposed to have had a speed increase?   So far I have not seen any comment from Adobe, but fingers crossed for bug fixes soon.

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                          stevew83586126 Level 1

                          I'm totally frustrated with Adobe Lightroom's performance. I can't get any work done. Class action lawsuit could help. Lightroom performance was less than stellar before the "upgrade", now it's just dismal. I hate using Lightroom now, but it's all I have.

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                            coracle77 Level 1

                            Thanks, I'm on a Mac (High Sierra) and not sure the steps you describe apply in this environment, but I will look into whenever I get a few minutes and see what the results are. 


                            In the interim, I've reverted to 7.1 and have no issues.  It would be nice if Adobe would weigh in on this and if these types of steps were necessary, either include them in documentation associated with an update, or simply script the update to address issues like this.


                            Seems like I'm not the only one experiencing issues and I'm moderately tech savvy, so I don't believe this is simply a PICNIC issue. 

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                              I've started experiencing the same issues; 8 crashes yesterday (Sunday) and one already today after only being open for 5 minutes.  Crash reports generated and sent each time. I can't get anything done!! 

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                                Same issues here on MBP with High Sierra - crashes during export- & printing-process, quit/shut-down procedure takes minutes!!

                                Downgrade to 7.1 - everything works fine.

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                                  stevew83586126 Level 1

                                  I was happy as a clam using 5.4, but since upgrading to 6, it's been

                                  nothing but a pain. 6 is supposed to be perfect for 64 bit systems, but

                                  it's beyond terrible. I want 5.4 back.

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                                    Same issues for me...

                                    iMac i7 32GB RAM 500GB SSD High Sierra. Catalog on separate external 500GB SSD.

                                    When I upgraded initially it was fine. Whilst creating a subfolder and moving some files it ground to a virtual halt and after that point was basically unusable. After many reboots, reset PRAM, anything else I could think of I downgraded back to 7.1 and all was fine.

                                    Since retried the upgrade and the same unusable system so back to 7.1 again!

                                    First time I've had an issue like this, user of LR since version 4. Rather worrying as I'll need to upgrade at some point (or be forced to switch to another program).

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                                      I couldn't take another minute of 7.2 after trying to deal with its unresponsiveness and inexplicable behavior for several days.  Soooo glad to be back on version 7.1.

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                                        PPhotography808 Level 1

                                        This is my journey with 7.2 to getting it roughly 97% operational.


                                        Mac Pro (2013), 3.5 GHz 6-core, 32GB ram, 2 AMD FirePro D700 6GB Vram, GPU enabled.

                                        Initial 7.1 setup: catalog file on external USB 3 hard drive.


                                        Did the upgrade the first day 7.2 was released. Launched the app and NOTHING. Just sat there and every mouse movement resulted in the spinning wheel of death. Gave up and reinstalled 7.1 so I could finished up some jobs. Even thought the folders on the external drives were "visible" in 7.2, they were all grayed out.


                                        The weekend I remembered that having my Capture One Pro session file worked better in my home/pictures directory, so I made a Lightroom folder and moved the catalog file from the external drive to new folder in Pictures. Upgraded to 7.2 again and this time noticed folders on external drives were visible but I still couldn't really access anything in the folder. I run System Monitor and noted significant CPU activity with Lightroom Classic CC. So I decided to just let it sit and see what happened. About an hour later I checked and for the most part things were working but there was still significant CPU activity with the app. Note that LR 7.2 did not indicate any background activities in progress at the time. Got up the next morning and noted that LR 7.2 had been building previews in the new directory, hence all the activity.


                                        Tested out the new features and for the most part things are faster. Exported 953 Canon 1Dx Mark II raw files converted to 1250x1250 jpegs. Took about 14 minutes.


                                        Why 97%? Today was the first day I got to try file import. When I first clicked Import, saw the message the files were being copied and transferred. HOWEVER, I had not yet selected the source location. I stopped the process (not the app), and clicked import again. Import module launched and I was able to import the files. Didn't not the time it took. Took about 3 minutes to export the files tho.


                                        Bottomline, unlike previous updates (for me anyway), I was not able to update to 7.2 and immediately resume normal ops. My personal observation, LR 7.2 is not friendly to the catalog file being located on an external or network drive.  Everything "seems" to be working fine now, exporting to PS and back, exporting to external drives, editing files, etc. Had the hiccup with import today. Really long for those days when things WORKED the first time

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                                          stevew83586126 Level 1

                                          Mr. 97%, you're doomed. You had your good day. That's all you get.   


                                          On Feb 21, 2018 12:16 AM, "PPhotography808" <forums_noreply@adobe.com>

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                                            So far 7.2 has been an unmitigated disaster.  Slow as hell.  Took two days to optimize.  Import hardly works.  When launched it takes forever to load and even longer to see the (local) disk.  This is the worst update to a product that I have encountered.  Thank god for Capture One, but my main catalog is on lightroom.  I hope Adobe fixes this embarrassing release without delay.

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                                              DavidTadmor Level 1

                                              Forgot to mention - I use fully loaded iMac.  It's not a hardware problem.

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                                                ExFangman Level 1

                                                Switched to Lightroom 2015, saving everything as dmg so I can import easily and today uninstalled 7.2 and installed 7.1 again which seems to be working, but still seems sluggish compared to the 2015 version in uploading.


                                                Disappointed that Adobe have not made an announcement or a rapid bug fix.  Some of the comments from folk on the forums did not sound good from the response in getting through to support then not helpful.  Thank goodness I don't rely on 7.2 for a living!


                                                The only way it seems is to go back to 7.1 and forget the new tools and speed hype if you have a large catalog.

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                                                  dhb2206a Level 1

                                                  I'm having similar issues on a very high spec windows machine. Performance is atrocious, so much for the hype surrounding the update. Issues include; very slow library update when moving through catalogue folders, switching to develop module does absolutely nothing, edits in photoshop lost (or rather not added to the library), export doesn't run.


                                                  My catalgue exists on an external drive as well, so perhaps that's a common theme.

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                                                    jeffm7242487 Level 1

                                                    I am having the same issue, sync freeze,and left to sync. It will crash after a few hours. I was using a Lacie external 2T 110mps speed. hard drive to store my files. I just ordered the Samsung T5,think the transfer speed is the issue.

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                                                      brianj3403651 Level 1


                                                      glad to find out that I am not the only one having problems with 7.2 Every time I stop actively using it Lightroom crashes. This can occur several times a day depending on whether I can be bothered to switch it back on again. I send in  crash reports with my comments and email address and I have heard nothing in reply. I must have sent several dozen crash reports by now. And whilst I have been writing this comment 7.2 has crashed again!


                                                      Some kind of statement/reply from Adobe would be very welcome. I am getting very fed up!

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                                                        I've got a lot of these issue too on my Surface Pro 4.  Files edited in Photoshop not showing, pop up menus acting very erratically, images sometimes not appearing in loupe view, massive performance issue.  A mess really.


                                                        Reverting to 7.1 seems to have sorted everything ^-^

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                                                          RuthsDad23 Level 1

                                                          Problems here as well, but in Win 10. Even tried un-installing and then re-installing via creative cloud. Have same issues on Photoshop that I updated the same time. Takes 10 mins to open, in excess of 3 mins to move from slideshow to library; definitely not usable.


                                                          Looking at reverting to 7.1 but 7.2 did 'convert' my catalogue, does anyone know if 7.1 would read a 7.2 catalogue, many thanks?

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                                                            dhb2206a Level 1

                                                            I did the revert to 7.1 and it has solved all the problems. I can't recall any requirement to update the catalogue though.

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                                                              PrettyCranium Level 1

                                                              I'm having similar issues.  Freezing, not responding, not able to purge cache (nothing happens when I click) and not able to import.


                                                              How do I revert to a previous version?


                                                              Super frustrating to be paying for the product when it does not work.

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                                                                zoeandmatthew Level 1

                                                                I have exactly the same problems. Slow, buggy and takes forever to do anything since the update which was apparently going to speed things up.  I have a 2011 imac with 12gb ram and up to this update 7.2 it worked absolutely fine.


                                                                As others have done I rolled mine back to the previous version and its back to working fine again.


                                                                Come on Adobe please sort this out. Great product now stuck in time until the issues can be resolved

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                                                                  zoeandmatthew Level 1

                                                                  On the Adobe Creative Cloud app, next to the Lightroom drop down app is the open/update button. To the right of that is a down arrow which if you click gives you a number of options including reverting to a previous version

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                                                                    JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                                    You can uninstall 7.2 and install 7.1 from the Creative Cloud application manager. Just locate Lightroom Classic CC on the list of applications and click on the options arrow.

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                                                                      stevew83586126 Level 1

                                                                      I'd be interested in knowing if you get back to something useable. Adobe

                                                                      must have added some code to everyone's updates that made all the versions

                                                                      do weird stuff that wasn't happening before.

                                                                      That Creative Cloud stuff is not for me. I want a stand alone version -

                                                                      Only! I don't trust Adobe. It's all a ploy to get users to spend more

                                                                      money, and I think there has to be some CC ******** added to my stand -

                                                                      alone version of 6 that wasn't in my version of 5.4.

                                                                      So anything upgrade/update that happened during the last part of 2017, or

                                                                      after included hidden CC crap.

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                                                                        JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                                        Lightroom 6 and Lightroom CC 2015 are precisely the same program file, installed by the same installer. Depending on how it is installed determines whether you have the Lightroom 6 features or the Lightroom CC 2015 features. If you install it with a serial number then you have Lightroom 6. Consequently, no dehaze filter, no cloud features, none of the other features that were added to CC 2015, etc. But it IS the very same program.

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                                                                          RuthsDad23 Level 1

                                                                          I'm going to have to roll back to 7.1, I think. Strangely, the first update from 7.1 to 7.2 didn't do any update to the catalogue, it was only when I then did a complete un-install then install it did the catalogue update.

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                                                                            JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                                            I don't think there was a catalog update from 7.1 to 7.2. That was just a program update, not an upgrade.

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                                                                              stevew83586126 Level 1

                                                                              I rest my case

                                                                              • 37. Re: Lightroom Classic 7.2 Issues?
                                                                                JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                                                And what does that mean? I have been using Lightroom since version 2. I'm running it now on an old Windows machine that was originally Windows 7 and later "upgraded" to Windows 10. It's about six years old. Only has 8 GB RAM, won't accept anymore. No graphics card, onboard graphics only. I don't have any of the performance issues that we seem to read about continually on this forum. Lightroom just works the way I think it should. I'm glad you have rested your case, but if I'm on the jury it will be hung.

                                                                                • 38. Re: Lightroom Classic 7.2 Issues?
                                                                                  RuthsDad23 Level 1

                                                                                  welcome back Lightroom, welcome back Photoshop.......rolled both back and now work as before.

                                                                                  • 39. Re: Lightroom Classic 7.2 Issues?
                                                                                    Matulaitis Level 1

                                                                                    JimHess -- I'm curious, how many photos do you have in your Lightroom catalog(s)?

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