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    Character Animator crashes after loading Audiofiles in the Timeline


      Hello there,

      since yesterday I have a big Problem with Ch. If I load an audiofile into the Program, it crashes if I put the audiofile into the timeline and want a playback. Or if I try to lipsync from audio. I try different audiofiles, but the issue is with all of my audiofiles, even with files, I used earlier without problems or crashes. Without any audiofiles in the timeline, the character do everything I want without crashes.

      What can I do?



      Edit: Now the program chrashes even if I want to activate the Microfon. Is there an Issue with the Sound?

      Edit again: Now is working with CH impossible. The Program crashes in every situation, even if I want to load an example from you...

      And once again Edit: I figured out, that there is a Problem with my Soundcard. I use a Behringer XENYX Q802 USB Audio interface and after I pluged out the Device and startet working in Ch, ther are no problems. Without Sound I can do lipsync and animations. I also can do playback so often I will. But only without sound. But if I plug in the Soundcard again and want to playback with sound, the program crashed like before. Whats the reason for that?