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    Acrobat DC Barely Works on My PC

    JasonDD210 Level 1

      I have fairly decent PC, with a i7 processsor at 2.8Ghz, and 16 GB of memory, top notch nVidia card etc.  I can play premium games on it without issue.


      So I recently upgraded from Acrobat XI to Adobe DC and it runs terribly. This is having a negative impact on my work. It seems to take ages to open, and when I open a PDF document, everything is frozen for at least a minute. Also, even after it starts, performing simple actions like selecting a tool causes the mouse "timer" icon to appear for a few seconds, and even hovering the mouse pointer over a tool icon takes seconds for the icon to switch or the tool tip to appear.


      Trying to highlight some text also has an annoying, delayed output and causes my harddisk to sound like an avalanche. Everything I do has a delayed response. I get the feeling that it's trying to connect to the Internet all the time, but why? Is it secretly uploading PDFS to Adobe without my knowing it?


      Not impressed.