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    Convert to D11 and stage disappeared

      I'm updating a project to D11 Win. Among other things, the project contains multiple movies and MIAWs. After straightening out some issues with xtras, I managed to start my project file. While performing the following series of steps

      open MIAW
      send stage from one movie to next
      close MIAW

      I somehow lost the stage. It's the weirdest thing. I've restarted Director and the computer. When in author mode, the stage is gone. I've toggled its display on and off using CNTRL+1. I've used the message box to check its rect and its visible property. I can view any other window -- script, paint, etc. The stage is just a generic gray background no matter what movie I open.

      The stage isn't docked anywhere. It doesn't appear to be hidden. I only have one monitor (laptop). It's just -- gone. If I open a movie and publish it, the projector stage appears just fine. But I can't find my author stage anywhere.

      I'm an advanced Director/Lingo guy (14 years of use) and I feel like a retard. Is this a bug?