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    OSX HighSierra -- kernel_task network traffic

    CorneliusFischer Level 1

      Since the LR february update I encouter unusual high network traffic on my system.


      As soon as I open Lightroom Classic 7.2 and mount my Synology archive drive, kernel_task start to read/write continuously with 30-60mb/s.

      Using Lightroom is not possible anymore. Switching in LR between folders (even when they are saved locally and not on the network drive) LR needs 15-30s to display pictures in the library grid.


      When I disconnect the network archive drive from my MacPro, kernel_task stops immediately the network traffic and LR becomes super fast in displaying and editing local stored pictures.


      Any idea what can cause this traffic and performance loss, when a network drive which is linked to a LR catalog is mounted?


      Thanks for your help!