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    Photoshop CC 2018 Brushes goen after every restart

    jjscoops Level 1

      I recently purchased the photography package and installed the apps I wanted.  I installed a few (150 to 200) brushes (.abr) I found around the internet into photoshop and used them without issue.  When I closed and restarted photoshop they were gone.


      I added fewer (around 50) and they were still there after a restart, so I thought there may be a limit to what it will save.  I slowly added a few more, restarted, added a few more, restarted, until they disappeared again.   I then repeated this and found the amount added before they would no longer be there was random and not a specific number.


      I added them in batches to see if it was maybe a specific .abr file causing the problem.  This didn't appear to be the case.


      I have reset the preferences, reinstalled the app, tried many different brushes/combinations, imported brushes in preset manager, Imported from Program File, imported from Users/Apps..../Brushes, stored them in other locations and tried, dragged them in to the app manually, but if there are too many added they wont save.


      They are all still listed if i click the 'three lines' menu on the brushes tab, and I can add them back one at a time, but too many and they will be gone on restart.


      I have now created 4 groups (A to F,G to L etc) and dropped the brushes in to these, saved the groups, and created an action to load them every time I open Photoshop.  Not ideal, it takes ages to load, and I'm sure it cant be right?!?


      I read that its possible to add thousands of brushes, and I have literally a couple of hundred.  Is this normal, or am I missing something?


      I believe it may be an limitation Photoshop that I cant seem to find a reference to as it happens exactly the same on 2 different computers (same account log in though).  I am using Windows 10 on both.


      Thanks for any pointers, even if its pointing out something obvious I just cannot see.