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    Focus Stacking Droplet


      I want to be able to drop 4/5/6 images into a droplet and photoshop auto aligns then and then focus stack blends them and saves as a tiff/psd/whatever. I've tried making an action and droplet but each time it asks me to locate the files manually. I'm spending 95% of my time on this job sitting there and loading files. There has to be a quicker way than this. Does anyone have a droplet that works for this? Is it possible? I've tried several different ways, via photostacking open files, and folders/also stacking opened files/, photomerge, everything. The same problem when doing the action is that it looks for the indiviual files.

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          The thing is Droplets are created from action and the action should be one that is suitable for batching. If the action uses an interactive script like Load file into a stack that has a dialog the action step will be interactive not something you want in a batch action.   The droplet is not going to automate the scripts interactive active dialog.    What steps do you have in the Action you created the droplet with,  Did it have a step like  file>scripts>Load files into stack.  Also I believe the droplet will open the files you drop on it in Photoshop one at a time and play you action then open thenxt file.  All image files you dropped on the droplet will not be open in Photoshop all at once.

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            laurac98006816 Level 1

            The problem I have with the action is that there isn't an option to select all layers (or is there?). So it just selects the ones I manually select. Let me rephrase this question. Is there a way I can fully automate focus stacking? I'm shooting jewellery, and have to focus stack hundreds of items, which is thousands of files. I can't be doing it manually, via stacking the images and blending them. It's just taking too long.

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              JJMack Most Valuable Participant

              To target all visible layers you should be able to record that in an action. By recording two steps using shortcut keys.  Alt+, then Shift+Alt+. The problem I see is how are you going to get the files into a layer stack in the first place.

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                laurac98006816 Level 1

                I do know you can stack all open windows....

                whats the shortcut for target all visible then? I can't seem to get it to work.


                Thanks for the help btw.

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                  JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                  Your Actions would need to open the other images and create layers in the current document containing their contents. But Actions can not use logic so no options can be passed to them.  So all the other image files would need to be recorded in your action.  I could be wrong but I do not think I am.  A droplet will open the files dropped on it one at a time in Photoshop  Once a document opens play your action on the open document.  When your action finishes  its process the droplet would close the document opened if it is still open.  Then repeat that process for each additional file dropped on it.  Just like batching an action works.


                  All open document can be stacked with a Photpshop Script.


                  Selecting all visible layers is done using two shortcuts in sequence.   The first selects  the first layer the top or bottom visible layer and the second shortcuts add the rest of the visible  layers   using  the Shift modifier key and select the other end of the layer stack visible layer.  All visible layers will then be Photoshop target.



                  Alt+, then Shift+Alt+.  or Alt+. then Shift+Alt+,  As shown in the action I posted.... I also wrote how to record that action.



                  I stopped using Droplets a long time ago.