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    Setting a background Image on Panel through CSS

      Hey Guys,

      I've yet to find a 'decent' tutorial or list of examples on using an external css file in combination with a flex app.
      Although that might be linked to me being a nub :)
      Anyway, I've searched the live docs quite extensively I think and even read the pages on css on the resource center livedocs thingie.

      So, here's my problem:
      I'm trying to set a certain .jpg I have as a background for ALL my Panels in my application.
      So what I try to do is in my .css file I set this:


      Although, this for some reason doesn't load or work.
      To be 100% complete, I'm using the same code on my Application in the same .css file and that does load without problems.
      If I point towards the same image as 'backgroundImage' directly in my mxml file it works...

      Any help appreciated :)