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    Confession of a pro...Need training!!!

    Vincent Walter Level 1

      I've used and loved LR since 1.0 Beta.


      I do a lot of work!!  I have not utilized some of the features going back to 1.0 like


      -collections  (have not idea) 


      I just keep moving forward and working and delivering.


      I do store (finder level) all my work via date and name and it's backed up locally 2x and to a cloud server for the "hot work"

      I don't have much trouble finding images that are 10 years old... I do have trouble with rolling forward LR catalogs... I've used various strategies...but my current LR catalog is HUGE and 3 years deep!!!   Time to transition, and CC is new to me  (I have used Premier CC so I'm not 'scared' of CC.


      OK  I have the SONY a7riii  so I have to make an software upgrade.  (on Apple right now... but PC is a consideration/travel laptop too)


      I am looking for a seminar (I don't have 3 days to devote... but I should I guess)


      I am 110 miles south of Chicago..  I'd be willing to pay a LR CC expert to spend 4-6 hours with me showing me features to use to my advantage for the type of work I do.  Is there a trainer in Chicago, St. Lois, Cinncinatti ???


      Thank for any good feedback.


      I assume for "today" there is not plug-in upgrade to use LR 5.7.1 with  Sony a7riiii  ??

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you're a professional, you might want to consider Lightroom Classic CC rather than Lightroom CC. Lightroom CC is cloud based, and is for a different type of user who wants their images in the cloud and instantly available on all devices. That sounds like a great idea, but Lightroom CC has limited functionality at this time. As a professional photographer, I suspect you will be much more comfortable with Lightroom Classic CC. It is the more "traditional" Lightroom that has been around for about a decade. It does have some cloud features. As an example, it is possible to create collections that you can share on the web privately and you can work on those collections on your mobile device if you choose to do so. Any work that you do on your mobile device will automatically be applied to the master images if you choose to make adjustments. But Lightroom Classic CC is a much more robust program at this time. However, if you think Lightroom CC is better suited for you, then go for it. I wish you well in whichever program you choose.

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            cmgap Adobe Community Professional

            Hello Vincent - I am a Lightroom coach offering one-to-one training. Very personalized and specific to your work requirements. Please direct message me here if you would like more information.

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