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    Hidden App. ** BUG ? **


      I'm running Flash CS3 on a MacBook Pro running OS X 10.5.2
      I keep seeing a recurring problem but unfortunately I'm unable to reproduce it.
      My Flash authoring environment is 'hidden'. The finder shows the app as open and running yet I'm unable to select/view it. This time it disappeared while I was switching to another app (using apple-tab).

      In it's current state I'm unable to interact with the app, so any files that are open remain unsaved, so when I force quit I'll end up losing any recent changes. Selecting Show or Quit on the flash icon in the dock does nothing.

      The previous time this happened (about a week ago), I restarted my machine and ran the Adobe updater which updated me to the lasted versions of my Adobe products, including Flash.

      This is the second machine I've had this happen on, also CS3 within OS X 10.5.2

      Has anyone else seen this problem? know of a solution?
      Anyone know any terminal code that might give me access to the app again? or at least print out info that might give a hint to the situation..?

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          RossRitchey Level 4
          Have you ever plugged a second monitor into your laptop? I have seen something like this happen, where an app will move to the second monitor, even if the monitor is not currently plugged in. Typically, my first stop when something strange like this happens is to go into the displays. If it is registering two monitors, then I click the "mirror monitors" checkbox to pull everything onto the same screen. Otherwise, I haven't heard or seen anything like what you are describing.
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            Rothrock Level 5
            It sounds like the spaces bug that plagues the system. My (limited) understanding is that even if you aren't running spaces at the moment it still respects what you have set up in the system preferences.

            More details on how to fix this will probably be found on the Apple support forums for Spaces than here. There aren't so many Mac users here — I am, but have never run into this problem.