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    Muse Site ftp Upload Issues

    GibEssGee Level 1

      Hello, Everyone!


      I am sure similar discussions exist—and I may have viewed one or two of them already... but I needed to start my own, new, discussion as I have specific points I need to have addressed... hopefully.


      I have created my web site in Muse. When I go into "preview site" mode—in both Chrome and Safari—the site works perfectly! So... on to the next phase: Upload to my domain's ftp (in this case, it's Yahoo! Small Business).


      First, I tried using Muse's own ftp upload. Unfortunately, it never works. I always get a "timed out" error... please see attachment 1.attachment 1.png

      So... I gave up on this approach and downloaded FileZilla. I was able to upload my site to my host ftp successfully. However, my site does not work. I get the following error message (attachment 3) when I enter-in my URL:


      attachment 3.png


      ... Something I notice in FileZilla's cue while uploading my files, I get these "failed transfer" alerts (attachment 2... yes, I went out of order). They occur when I am uploading Flash animation files, specifically.


      attachment 2.png


      I have no idea what ".DS_Store" files are. They do not reside in my sub-folders under my main site folder. Are these generated by FileZilla?


      Any help that can be offered would be greatly appreciated. I've been at this now for a week and am at my wits end.


      Thanks so much!