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    Lightroom menu bar too large

    Glenn Altern Level 1

      I have recently updated my laptop to a Dell XPS13 with a 4K monitor, and the Dell 2410 monitors I use for photo editing have 1920 x 1080 resolution. I am connecting to the monitors through a Dell Thunderbolt TB16 docking station - both display port and HDMI outputs have the same problem.


      Lightroom renders the top-level menu and menus accessed from that menu in a huge font. ( screen shot attached ).


      I realise that font scaling needs to be adjusted between monitors of different resolutions. This is not a general problem, but one limited to specific parts of the lightroom UI - Photoshop is fine, and as the screenshot shows, the rest of the Lightroom UI is fine too.


      I can't show the menus, but the file menu items are of a similar size. However, dialogs accessed from menus such as export show a large header font, and correct detail font too.





      Any ideas ?

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          This is an OS setting. Some one has been fooling around with the Display settings DPI or in the color and Appearance section with the Font size.


          Custom DPI Setting.PNG

          Win Color and appearence.PNG

          This is from a Classic Win 7 system but similar settings are available in Win 10.

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            Glenn Altern Level 1

            Thanks for looking into this. However, I did state that the problem only manifests itself in the Lightroom title bar, and in no other applications and not anywhere else in Lightroom. If a windows setting is the cause, how can the problem be a localised ? A Photoshop image is shown below, and the same problem is not occurring. The same for Word, Excel etc.


            I believe the setting you are referring to is the Scale and layout, which can vary per monitor, and is 100% for the 1920 x 1080 monitors, and 300% for the 4K monitor.


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              Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

              Then on the Interface tab of the LR Preferences

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                richardplondon Level 4

                If you mean the "Font Size" setting, that affects all the LR interface elements and not just the menus and window / dialog titles. At least, that's the case on my own system (Windows 10 release 1709, LR 7.2).


                But I suppose it might multiply up (magnify) font sizing that is set as part of a Windows theme.


                (The effect of changing this setting is only evident when you close and restart Lightroom.)

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                  Glenn Altern Level 1

                  Thanks to all respondents. Your assistance was much appreciated, and helped me understand things better.


                  For some reason the Lightroom menu is the right size today ! I have set the font interface settings to small and then automatic, which has the same effect, but the menu had resized correctly before that.


                  It's a bit mysterious. If the problem recurs I will follow a more structured set of steps to see the results of changing the key settings.

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                    I am having the same issue after upgrading this week. I hope mine fixes itself as it makes some of the menus hard to use due to the shift in pixels. Does anyone know of a way to fix it? Tried lots of things to no avail.

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                      Glenn Altern Level 1

                      The problem has recurred for me !


                      As far as I can tell, it is not related to the font size settings in Lightroom or the scaling settings in Windows, as neither has an effect. I think it is a bug in Lightroom, albeit an intermittent one, as no other application manifests this fault.


                      I'll set about reporting it.

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                        It is possible that this is a graphic driver issue.


                        I am a developer and responsible for an in house application that exhibited similar text scaling issues on certain Dell laptops used by colleagues. It did not occur on all laptops and in one case was solved by IT issuing the user a different laptop and I believe in another case it was resolved by IT updating the graphic drivers. No changes were needed to my application and it is now displaying correctly on all laptops.

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                          I've also been having this exact same issue. It appears that displaying to monitors from my laptop has this zooming menu effect. If I unplug and relaunch Lightroom, it renders fine on my laptop screen. Hope there is a fix for monitors.

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                            OneGrumpyBunny Level 1

                            I was having this same problem. It was driving me nuts!  I finally found a fix. I have Windows 10 running Lightroom Classic CC. Here's how I fixed it.

                            1. Browse to the Start Menu icon in Windows Explorer.  For me, it was here: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs
                            2. Right click on the Lightroom Classic CC icon and select Properties.
                            3. Click the Compatibility tab at the top
                            4. Make the selections shown in the screenshot. Note, I chose to make these selections for all users. Making these selections directly on the compatibility tab will work the same. Use the all users option (bottom of the compatibility tab) if you have more then one user accessing the application on your computer.


                            This is an application specific setting. If you have other applications with this same behavior, make these same selections on the properties of those applications.


                            Hope this helps!

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                              That worked!   Thank you!

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                                Have been having this issue with both Illustrator & Lightroom (Photoshop for whatever reason has always been fine), since connecting my 4K laptop to a 1080p external monitor. Have tried many different suggested fixes online these past few weeks with no luck at all. This did the trick though, all is FINALLY displaying perfectly. Thank you so much!

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                                  Glenn Altern Level 1

                                  Thanks for that.


                                  I should check the comments here more frequently !  I came on this through trial and error yesterday before reading your post today and it indeed worked, although I had to try all other options before System worked.


                                  HOWEVER ... I has a subsequent problem. I am now running dual monitors ( a Dell 2410 HD and a Benq BL2711U 4K ), and I had an issue where the 4K second monitor was scaled incorrectly, only using a quarter of the screen. The only way I could fix this was to remove the compatibility override !


                                  Confusingly enough, at the moment all screens are OK, but I know the problems will recur. At the moment, it's always an excitement to start Lightroom up, as I am never quite sure what will happen with scaling and the loss of plug-ins etc.


                                  I hope your fix continues to work for your configuration. It's clear that Lightroom has a problem. and I find it extremely irritating that Adobe themselves delegate support to the great people here, rather than taking accountability themselves. Looking around, I see this is felt by many people, exacerbated by what appears to be a very poor release in terms of quality control ( 7.3 ). Adobe seems to me to be showing the symptoms of a complacent organisation in decline.

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                                    I have exact problem but further more critical issues.


                                    I have an older Dell XPS 17 L702X  which has an Intel dual processor, 8GB RAM and 1.5 Sata HD etc,  Consequently I THOUGHT it was the hardware platform that was causing slow down while working with Adobe Lightroom.


                                    Ok, I have just bought a Dell XS 15 9560 (Intel i7, 32GB Ram, 1TB SSD). The $3,500 spent on a new hardware platform is, as it seems, wasted as Lightroom now DOESN'T WORK.


                                    Two issues - the BIG Fonts and also within the DEV Module the Synch function does not work. (of course it works with with the six (6) year old XPS 17).


                                    OK, suspect (expect) as always the software vendor will 'point' to the hardware manufacturer and the hardware manufacture will 'point' to the software vendor.


                                    QUESTION ADOBE: Appreciate if you can please advice what OS platforms, hardware manufacturers (OS, Models, Graphics Cards etc) that have you certified your software to work on.


                                    PS: The Adobe forums suggest setting Compatibility Mode to Windows 8. Is this for REAL ?

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                                      johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

                                      As a first troubleshooting step, could you please do the LR menu command Help > System Info and copy/paste the first ten lines or so here.

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                                        Thank you, that worked for me. The menus and my logo are now sized correctly in Lightroom.

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                                          mawg64 Level 1

                                          I've had this problem off and on with the scaling of Adobe programs.  Recently I upgraded to LR CC, after the horror of waiting for my catalogs upgraded, I had a HUGE menubar.  I have tried the various fixes with no luck.  I went back to an old fix and VIOLA!  Everything is good.  The fix?  Use a manifest file to link to the exe.  Google: manifest file for adobe Dan Antonielli Follow his steps.  Dont know the reason for the magic but it has fixed scaling problems with both programs.  I have tried to post the file here but it gets rejected.