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    Restore last view setting doesn't work well with OneDrive


      With the Preference->Documents->"Restore last view settings..", I can go to the exact same page when opening a file as where I was when closed it. But this feature doesn't work well when the file is in OneDrive folder, it works sometimes, but goes to the first page from time to time. I copied the file from OneDrive folder to another folder and it solved the problem but I still want it work with OneDrive.


      Does anyone here meet the same problem?

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          vimald67039143 Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hello ,


          Thank you for taking the time to write to us regarding this issue which you are facing. We are really sorry for the inconvenience it caused to you.


          We tried to reproduce the issue at our end but we didn’t succeed. It would be great if you could help us with the following queries so that we can reproduce it internally and look into it -

          1 ) Could you please specify any additional steps which could lead us to the problem, any information which you think is relevant could  be a great help.A video would be great if you could provide.

          2)  Could you please provide the version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. (Click on ‘Help’ in menu bar > click on ‘About Adobe Acrobat DC…’ > take a snapshot of popped window).

          3 ) Is the issue reproducible with all the PDF's or is it something that is specific only to certain pdf's ? If possible could you please share the PDF files on which you are seeing this issue ? (Mail me at [Moderator: Private information removed] send a private message: How Do I Send  Private Message )

          4) Could you please specify whether you are using OneDrive Personal or Business account.


          Thanks for your help.



          Vimal Dobhal