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    Strange marks on background of image post editing




      I am trying to edit out a plain background that had lots of marks/shadows to a clean, plain background.

      I use this method:

      Edit lighting, contrast etc

      Touch up photo with clone/patch tool

      Duplicate layer

      Surface blur > create layer mask > invert

      Fill in the background with the surface blur

      Go back to the layer (not the layer mask with blur)

      Select the exact colour I want, use a soft brush tool with opacity of around 50%

      Go over image with brush tool.


      The image looks exactly how I want it to.


      I then flatten (have also tried not flattening) and export as jpg.


      However, then once the image is saved and I view out of photoshop, the background has these strange marks all over it. They can look slightly like oil spill marks , or just lighter blobs.

      It does appear to be where I have edited the background, but I don't understand why when I am in photoshop the image looks perfect but then out of it looks awful!


      Please help