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    RH7 loads project but unable to access any topics

      After my project loads into RH7 am unable to work on any project files at all. The project tree will randomly disappear with a constant egg timer displayed. I have to close robohelp which will then crash everytime it exits.

      I do have an offline copy of exactly the same project which is fortunate to a point as it works fine. The version that i am having issues with is the active version i use within Visual Source Safe.

      I have performed a difference check on both directories and everything is an exact match apart from a VSS file ( vssver2.scc). I coppied this file from my project that does work and replaced the version in the project that does not work but still no joy.

      I do not use robohelp source control. I check my source files out manually however, it seems somehow that Robohelp is trying to use source control.....