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    Nik Selective Tool Acting Flakey - For Anyone Else Too?

    Fotomaker01RA Level 1

      I never had a problem with the Nik Selective Tool in Ps CC 2018 till the 19.1.1 update. Now when I try to Paint (vs Fill) in a filter effect Ps CC won't let me do so. Every time I release the left mouse button (or pause painting) an error msg box pops up saying something like I must exit the selective tool to return to Ps. Does anyone know a fix? Also, not a Nik issue, I hate that my open images keep centering. I composite & like multiple images splayed around my workspace. I keep getting one big centered image that obscures the others. Is there a fix for that? I'm recently converted from Ps CS5 & may just not know how to deal with these 2 issues. So suggestions appreciated.