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    Can't play entire video in timeline




      Hello everyone,

      I've recently started animating on Photoshop but I ran into a problem that I haven't seen before:

      The bar near the top with the thing that indicates that it's slideable doesn't move, which means I can only watch one frame of my video. I've tried converting it to a frame animation but I can't seem to move layers into the timeline when it's a frame animation. The frames for this animation come from a different Photoshop document which are drawn and then duplicated into the animation document. Anyone know how to fix this? I'd also be grateful if anyone could tell me how to put layers into the timeline when it's set to frame animation.

      Thank you! ^.^

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          It's not very intuitive is it?


          Use the drop down at the left of the video group, and Add Video Group A new group will appear in the layers panel

          Twirl open the new group, and create a new layer.  If you miss and it does not go in the group, you'll need to move it by dragging or

          Ctrl [ for down and Ctrl ] for up.  The layer does not need have any content, but it should appear in the timeline with the same name as the layer.


          You will now be able to hover over the end and drag it out to extend the timeline.   I don't know if this is the only way, but it does at least work for you.

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