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    Adobe Stock Credits vs. Subscription?

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      I had been paying for an Adobe Stock Subscription and decided that Adobe Credit Packs were actually more suited to my needs as I needed to purchase Extended Licenses and it was cheapest to do this with Credit Packs. When trying to figure out whether I needed a Plan or Credits I read a blurb that said "Plans vs. Credits, Which is right for you?" and it identified "you can buy credits or plans separately or combine them". So I purchased a credit pack and cancelled my Adobe Stock Subscription. When I cancelled via the online chat the person assisting me asked why I was cancelling and I explained that the credit packs better suited my needs. He proceeded with cancelling my subscription and did not mention anything about losing my existing credits which I paid a lot of additional money for, however my existing credits disappeared. When I contact support they identified that I am out of luck and have lost my credits because I cancelled my subscription.


      Has anyone experienced this? Why am I losing my credits if it says credits can be used without a subscription and if I paid additional money on top of my subscription for the credits?