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    Getting repeat lines of text when copy pasting from .pdf

    phil_1 Level 1

      I'm having issues trying to copy text from a .pdf and paste. Trying to paste to word and nothing happens. When I paste into a cad. document in .rvt I'm getting repeating sentences and random extra spacing.

      Is there a streamlined way to copy and past text into a word doc without these issues?

      Using Acrobat DC

      Thank You.

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          Priyanja Adobe Employee



          Thanks for your report. It would be great if you can share sample file where you are facing this issue.


          You can share the file using Adobe send:

          1. Launch your Application
          2. Switch to Toll Center view and Open Send & Track
          3. Click on “Select Files to Send”
          4. A dialog will open from where you can choose the file/s you want to share
          5. The workflow page will appear with the file/s to be shared pre-populated
          6. Click on Create Link
          7. Your Local files will be uploaded to the Document Cloud and a Public Link will be generated
          8. Share the link with us