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    7.2 not updating Library, slow brushes, etc

    DavePinMinn Level 1

      I'm hoping it's a fluke or I'm missing something simple, but this is getting OLD.......  Since Lightroom Classic CC, performance has been generally poorer (I'm trying to stay away from abysmal)...


      In 7.0, generally SLOW for just about everything.


      Put on 7.1 when it showed up and at least the loupe view in library worked about as well as the pre Classic CC version.  Spot healing brush wasn't great, but compared to 7.0, it was better, imports, exports, again, not great but BETTER than 7.0...  In Develop the the white and black sliders were back to pre-Classic CC performance with a LOT less of the horrendous lag that was in 7.0.  Basically, it was USABLE, not great, and certainly not as fast for the vast majority of everyday things as the pre 2018 stuff, but usable. Performance was even not wretched for images from the Nikon D850...


      Yesterday I put 7.2 on, and it was like being back to 7.0.  Grid view, hit the space bar and wait...  Long ENOUGH that I regularly found myself hitting it again thinking I hadn't pushed the spacebar.  But no, it was JUST THAT SLOW.  Healing brush, back to dreadful.  Imports still seem ok, and exports to plug-ins generally don't seem a LOT worse, but the lag is back on the Develop basic adjustments, like 7.0...


      To confirm I wasn't imagining it, I just reinstalled 7.1, and yes, the loupe view is back to being "normal", which means the image displays fast enough that I don't hit the spacebar multiple times, thinking I'd missed it.  In develop, I can hold down the Alt key and adjust the white and black sliders without a 3,4,5 second lag...


      I have no idea what sparkling new capabilities they added to 7.2, but so far I'm stack back at 7.1 because of this significantly poorer performance.


      Is anyone else seeing significant performance degradation with the newest version?  Is there some preference that has to be modified to NOT have 7.2 run as lousy as 7.0 did?

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          Im achieving same issue, both my D810 & D850 files LR was terrible, an editing session that was supposed to take 20 mins took 2 hours its just painful!

          I maxed my iMac ram and still no improvement, not sure if you are using iMac but this is what response I got from someone who has been helping me with my issue.


          I think you overestimate how many 5k iMac owners there are that process high megapixel raw images in Lightroom. The ones that are there definitely have complained here (quite a few actually). That is just some major demand on the machine to push 5120 × 2880 images (i.e. about 14 megapixels) to the screen constantly coming from 45 MP source files. Even from more moderate megapixel raw files, a 5K screen is pushing the boundaries of what is possible even with modern hardware!  This is what my test of running at lower resolution was designed to test for. You need machines like the just released iMac Pro or equivalent PC hardware to push that many pixels while rendering raw files. What's probably happening with your machine is that thermal hardware protection is kicking in when you're pushing it hard. Lightroom should protect itself a bit better against that though and not allow itself to get to that state that easily.


          Has yours improved at all?

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            DavePinMinn Level 1

            Nope, still absolute garbage on BOTH the higher powered, SSD, fast HDD desktop AND the more normal laptop.  I'm STILL running 7.1 on both 'cause 7.2 is UNUSABLE.  7.0 was unusable.  7.1 is pretty good so it's NOT a resource problem or an "underpowered" system.  7.2 is garbage AGAIN.


            This ISN'T an iMac, and I'm NOT running 4K or 4K monitors.


            You may have noticed that Adobe is VERY good at incessantly touting their "performance improvement" but less so with successfully resolving the problems that many/some/a few (it doesn't matter how many) have.  And, of course, the original entry has been sitting here like feces in a punch bowl for 3 weeks.