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    Free up space on creative cloud without deleting local files

    Miro Perez Level 1

      I'm over the limit at the moment on the storage quota for Creative Cloud and I think the reason is I directly sync'd the raw files from LR mobile when I loaded them on iPad from my camera.  I think what it does in that case is sync the raw files to the cloud?


      My questions are:


      1) Where do I even see what files are actually stored on Creative Cloud for LR?  When I look on Assets for the CC app all it says it at 39.5GB of 20GB. I don't see any files there except for a few small PS files from the mobile app.

      2) Assuming I can find those LR files taking up all that space, how to do make sure I have them completely local to my laptop such that if I remove it from the cloud it's not going to be deleted locally?   In other words I don't want those RAW files sync'd on the cloud but I want to make sure I have those RAW files locally and not some Smart Preview version of them locally.  Do you look at files and manage LR cloud storage from the lightroom.abobe.com web site?