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    Action to Print to Multiple Printers

    Billg95222 Level 1

      I have a question about how to create an action to print files in a folder to different printers.  I am using Photoshop 5 and Window 10.  I have several different printers.  For printing from Photoshop I use an Epson P800 for larger prints such as 16x20, for smaller prints such as 5x7 I use an Epson R3000.  I have folders set up, one for 5x7 and another for 16x20.  For example, I place 5 images in the 16x20 folder and 5 different images in the 5x7 folder.  I want to automatically, through an action, print all of the 16x20 images in the 16x20 folder to the Epson P800 printer.  I also want to print all of the images in the 5x7 folder to the R3000 printer. 


      I created an action in Photoshop to do this.  One action for the P800 16x20 and another action for the R3000 5x7.  The problem is that the action sends the files to whatever printer is the CURRENT printer, meaning the one that I used last.  My work around for this is to open one of the files in the 16x20 folder and manually send it to the P800 printer, delete the file from the 16x20 folder, then run the P800 action as a batch on the remaining 4 images.  Then when I want to print to the R3000, I open one of the images in the 5x7 folder, manually send it to the R3000 printer, and then run the R3000 action as a batch on the remaining 4 images.  As you can see this is a real pain since I want this to be a fully automated process.


      I tried running Photoshop as administrator thinking that might make a difference but it didn't.  When I look at the text in the action it looks correct but I think it's because Windows has an operating system printer setting outside of Photoshop.  When I go to Settings - Printers in Windows the "Let Windows manage my default printer" is checked which sets the default printer to be the one you used most recently.  I think this is fine since otherwise I would have to always change the printer from the default (HP Officejet) to another anyway.  So how can I get the action to change the printer from the last one used to either the R3000 or P800?  Is there a script that can be run that would do this?  Is there some other way?