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    Crash rate jump


      My Android app's crash rate has skyrocketed since Jan 26 even though I didn't publish a new version at that time.

      The app doesn't load any external ads and on my nexus 5 it still runs fine, so I don't know where the problem is.

      Any ideas on what could be causing this?

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          jcesarmobile_ Adobe Community Professional

          If you didn't update the app, then something else might have been updated. System webview was updated in January 30th, did the crash rate changed after that date?

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            bluef96355896 Level 1

            It seems like it started to rise before that, but I think maybe I should try using crosswalk webview plugin and see what happens.

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              ralphs26798824 Level 1

              I've recently seen a spike in Android crashes too, specifically in the new Android 8.0. For me, it was related to the camera plugin which needed updating for compatibility.


              Take a look at HockeyApp;

              <plugin source="npm" name="cordova-plugin-hockeyapp"/>


              This catches and reports crashes back, allowing you to see the stack trace, device info and any app specific meta data. As PGB does not export the debug symbols, it is not always clear but gives you a good idea to what is going on, where and what devices / versions.