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    Transition and Divided Box Bug?

    Jaz Chana
      I'm having some serious issues trying to get a transition working on a vdivided box that I have in one of my components. The transition I'm trying to use is a resize transition, however the resize feature is not resizing properly.

      I have two components in a vdivided box. In one state they both occupy 50% each of the screen (base state). In another state one of them occupies all of the screen (detailState). When the state is changed from the base state to detailState the resizing is extremely jerky, although the resize of the panel to 100% is done correctly. However when the state is change back to the base state the resize transition doesn't work at all and the panels are not sized correctly. In fact there is a hug gap between the panels and the one on the bottom disappears into the bottom of the screen.

      Is this a bug? Because I cannot see any problem with my code.