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    App won't start - No Update Found


      Hello Community,
      I have built my PhoneGap app using only html/css/raw javascript+jquery with all assets located on the app itself.

      No remote downloads.

      The app is compiled on  Adobe PhoneGap Build

      I made a small UI modification from the previous version.
      It does run on an IOS phone.

      The app was running on my previous Android, but fails a on my new Android LG Stylo 3 Plus (LG-TP450) with Android version 7.0.
      The app is stuck on:

      "No Update Found"

      Will run local version.

      The issue is that there is no local version, it is install No 1 for this phone.

      I have uninstalled/reinstalled the app multiple times and restarted the phone too.
      Any suggestions what I can do?