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    Import XML not working

    Jeffdh65 Level 1

      I have a Final Cut Pro 7 sequence and a project that I've exported as XML. Premiere 2018 appears to be importing them, and even generates translation reports in my Documents folder, but nothing at all appears in the Premiere project window. Nothing. Several others have had this issue also, as I can see in these forums. Since it is not possible to contact Adobe support directly, would someone from Adobe please get back to us on this? Or another community member who has solved this?

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          If you'd care to upload a problem file to a file sharing site, I can test here, see what happens.

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            Jeffdh65 Level 1


            Thanks for responding quickly.

            Here is a link to the export of one sequence in the documentary project. I was able to import smaller, simpler sequences (not from this project) from FCP 7 into Premiere. Are there elements in this sequence, and the larger project, that are holding things up?





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              Jim_Simon Level 9

              Well, I'm seeing the same behavior here.  Nothing comes in.


              I don't have much experience with XML, and absolutely none with FCP 7, but my first guess is that the XML you're trying to import just doesn't include anything to be imported.  I would look to the FCP export process for correction.

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                Jeffdh65 Level 1

                It’s an exported FCP7 sequence, containing the clips etc. that I expected to be imported. I have seen other posts here with the same issue, but unfortunately none describe how it was resolved, or what might be on a sequence that is blocking the import.


                Here is a link to the translation report that the import produced, in case it’s helpful:


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                  Meg The Dog Adobe Community Professional

                  I believe there is something wrong with XML import in the latest version of Premiere Pro. I've had the same problem as you report importing XMLs  - the empty project.


                  Your XML opened successfully in Resolve, so I think it itself is OK.


                  You might see if you can find someone with an earlier version of Premiere that could import the XML and convert it to a Premiere Project, then open that project on your computer.



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                    Jeffdh65 Level 1

                    Thanks for checking on this and the great suggestion!

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                      Jeffdh65 Level 1

                      Following up with a working solution to this XML import issue:  12.0.0 does import the exported XMLs of sequences and project XML from FCP 7. Premiere 12.0.1 is able to import some very simple FCP exports, but not the more complex ones. Hopefully, the next version of Premiere will restore this.


                      I also see that it's possible in Adobe CC to download previous versions of Premiere, including 12.0.0, and run them alongside the current 12.0.1. 


                      I hope this helps others who are having the same issue.

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                        noellee53281264 Level 1

                        I am having the exact same problems. I've tried off and on for two weeks to import XML from FCP7 without success. VERY FRUSTRATING!!


                        Thank you SO much for the suggestion of downgrading to 12.0.0 --- man, what a pain in the butt and huge time zap, Adobe!!!

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                          Morgan Francis Level 1

                          Yep it's broken in 12.1 for XML import from whatever software you use, in my case Storyboard Pro. And as you can't have two versions (12 & 12.1) installed together I've had to roll back to 12 on one machine in order to import XMLs - save the prproj and then open on another machine with 12.1 - This process works bty.
                          Not sure why every time Adobe update Premiere they break as much as they fix. I'd rather they stopped making pointless additions like VR360 editing (it's a fad and will go away like 3D has done, three times now in my life!) and just concentrate on a good solid edit suite. Which to be fair it nearly is.

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                            Jeffdh65 Level 1

                            I thought I read on an Adobe site that you can install Premiere 12.0 and 12.0.1 on the same machine at the same time. I haven't tried it yet, and hope it will work, but perhaps that would work for you with Storyboard.

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                              Morgan Francis Level 1

                              Not for me, if I start to install 12 it says "uninstalling previous version" or similar, although this might be because I also have CS6 installed as I still need to use Encore, which they decided to get rid of but I need for DVD authoring.

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                                rachell63192363 Level 1

                                I also would like this fixed. As it has been, it was never perfect-- linking old footage and not giving us a clean start.

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                                  Jeffdh65 Level 1

                                  I discovered, too, that 12.0 replaces 12.0.1. (I was able to install CS 6 alongside it, however.)


                                  In any case, I am now experiencing the same problem with 12.0.0:  XML imports are producing translation reports, but no folder inside Premiere. It seems to only import one XML file, then refuses any others. This is a strange bug. I was able to import several XML files into one project early in the day. But now Premiere refuses to import more than one into a project.

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                                    billgarv2007 Level 1

                                    This maybe your problem.  I posted about this in another thread, see my comment 5 down...


                                    Can't open .aaf and .xml files

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                                      Jeffdh65 Level 1

                                      Brilliant! billgarv2007's other thread suggests selecting the "Allow duplicated media during project import" (In Preferences --> Media.)

                                      This explains why some imports worked, and others didn't in my case. The language and the feature is vague, since Premiere is not importing clips that refer to pre-existing media. Worse, Premiere is rejecting the entire import even though only some clips may refer to duplicate media - and then gives no explanation.


                                      I will continue to test this and perhaps 12.0.1 will import properly after all.

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                                        gf11335679 Level 1

                                        I have a solution for sharing XMLs between two different projects or computers that BOTH are using Premiere. Until Adobe fixes their XML import issue, this workaround will do the trick. Sorry Jeffdh65 I don't use FCP so I can't give a FinalCut specific answer but maybe trying variations of this might do the trick for you.


                                        1. Open the sequence in Premiere that you want to create an XML from
                                        2. Open a new project (yes, you can now have two projects open at the same time whereas previously Premiere would close your project). Be sure you know where exactly you are saving this new project
                                        3. Find your original sequence in your original project bin
                                        4. Drag that original sequence into the new project bin. Now Premiere will automatically import all the media used in that original sequence, essentially doing the same thing as an xml.
                                        5. Save everything
                                        6. Now switch to your other computer or other project where you want to import the XML. Copy over the new project file
                                        7. If it's not already open, then open the project that you wanted to import the XML to
                                        8. Instead of importing the XML, open the new project that you just made (again, you can have two projects open at the same time)
                                        9. Take the contents of that new project and drag it into a bin where normally you would have put your XML
                                        10. You can close that new project and now everything should be where you need it
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                                          johnhollands Level 1

                                          It IS possible to have two versions at the same time.


                                          When installing, pay attention (I know!) to the dialog boxes.


                                          In one there is a "remove old version" (or "previous" version) which is ticked by default.


                                          UN-tick it and continue.