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    Video transitions between pages

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      I have created a museum kiosk presentation in Keynote that will be displayed on an iPad Pro 12.9". I would like to display an excerpt from the presentation on the web, using Muse.


      The show consists of a series of restored photos of California ghost towns, which are accessed via links on a map intro screen.

      The photos appear online at approximately 875 x 500 pixels.


      Some photos are accompanied by a zoom button, which allows the viewer to zoom in on areas of interest in the image. (Sample available here.)


      In Keynote on an iPad, clicking the zoom button swoops the viewer into the image along a path that can be controlled programmatically (with both pan and zoom). This allows me to zoom in and study the men involved in a July 4th, 1895, tug-of-war, coming to a stop on the most interesting group of characters.


      In my current simulation on the web, the zoom button just jumps to the closeup image. No camera action.


      I would like to recreate the Keynote pan and zoom functionality on the web. Keynote will export QT videos of the zooms I have programmed, but I do not know if they can be wired successfully into Muse for display on the web. The desired sequence is:

      1. User clicks on zoom button.
      2. image area displays a QT movie of the zoom effect.
      3. At the end of the QT movie, user is on a new page, with a full-res, closeup still to look at.


      The QT movies would not have to be data-heavy, since the imagery would be constantly in motion. I could probably get away with a half-res (≈ 437 x 250 pixel) movie, which should help with load time issues.


      So... is this idea executable in Muse for web display? If so, what would be the best approach?




      Richard Hurley

      California Educational Multmedia

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          Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          QuickTime is dead on the web.  Apple stopped making the browser plugin because all browsers (including Safari) stopped supporting it.


          If you can work with code, you could get most if not all of what you want done using Dreamweaver with modern Web APIs -- HTML5, CSS and JavaScript code.   

          Web APIs - Google Chrome

          Web APIs | MDN


          I'm afraid Muse is not ideal for building advanced coding projects.  




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            gvmm Level 1

            Thanks, Nancy. Very helpful.


            I'm afraid my citing QT was a reflex action. I'm an old Apple guy and use the term as a synonym for "digital video." As I understand it, Apple's current QT functionality will kick out video under a number of codecs, as needed. Been a while since I've wandered those woods, but researching DV formats should be a relatively easy.


            I was really more concerned with the what you correctly identify as coding issues, and the DW tip sounds good. For a graphics and animation guy, I'm reasonably at home in HTML and CSS, and I have enough scripting experience to follow JavaScript (though I would never presume to write it). So I ought to be able to at least take a shot at a DreamWeaver solution.


            Fortunately, the pages in question don't have to be responsive, which makes the DW idea more plausible. I've sized the artwork for a 1028 px min width page and am willing to apologize to folks on phone browsers.


            I still wouldn't turn down a Muse solution, though, if someone happens to know of a widget with miraculously appropriate functionality...