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    Sync, iPhone to PC

    KeithAS Level 1

      I capitulated to the subscription model in early January,
      this year (LR Classic).  I am really struggling
      with the sync feature.  All I want to do
      is move iPhone photos to my PC, leave them there and then delete my allotment on
      Lightroom on the Web, and then delete all photos on the cell.  I don’t want to “share” with any other
      devices, or upload to the phone.


      So, upload to the “cloud”, using the LR CC app, download to
      the PC through Lightroom (or not), move the photos to a different folder (I
      fear that if I delete from Lightroom on the Web, it may remove the cell photos
      from the original synced folder), then import into LR Classic?

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          If your images are still on your iPhone then connect it to your computer ahd use the File Manager for your OS to Copy them from the phones storage to the hard drive on your computer.


          Then once they are all on your computers hard drive import them into LR using the "Add" option at the top of the import window.


          Once that is done then Delete them from the phone.