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    Moving Photos From Bridge to Lightroom CC


      Hi all, after using photoshop CS6 for the last 6 years, I just purchased the creative cloud package that includes Adobe photoshop CC and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC (not lightroom classic). Typically I would download images to an external hard drive, view and rate the images in Bridge, edit the top rated photos in photoshop, and save the finished products as jpegs to the external drive. Now I'm struggling to change my workflow, I assumed i could still view and rate my images in Bridge and then moving only the highest rated photos into lightroom (to keep it clean and organized) and edit from there, but it doesn't seem to be an option. I can't drag and drop the photos from bridge to lightroom, its just doesn't do anything when I try, the green plus sign (mac) doesn't show once the cursor is on the lightroom screen or over the app icon, but when I simply import the photos using the lightroom app I can't see the ratings from bridge while "reviewing for import", so I am forced to import everything and then go through the images again and select my favorites before editing, since only star labels from bridge show up, not color labels. Its also extremely slow to upload every photo from a large shoot, as opposed to just viewing them in bridge, which is much quicker. Is there ANY way to simply move a select group of photos from bridge to lightroom cc? Or does someone have a workflow suggestion for me? Thank you!