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    SyncToy - free copy tool from MS

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      Microsoft makes available the free copy tool called SyncToy. (Although I'm a big fan, I receive no gratuities for expounding on its merits!)

      This utility was created/tested/enhanced with input from photography experts for synching photos across multiple machines and storage devices.

      My need was to synch the ~3K files (from six writers) from the server with copies to my machine. (I'm using the ZOOM search utility with my merged project, and am running it against the source files on my local machine. Copying all these files was problematic due to copy time and the inablity to synch deleted or renamed files.)

      With SyncToy's Echo option, I can Preview the files and folders that need to be added/deleted/overwritten, deselect any that don't need to be echoed, and run the Echo function (for perhaps 100-300 files instead of all ~3K). Since I might have to do this several times a day, updating my entire merged project copy in seconds, rather than minutes, is huge!

      Download it and give it a try; I think you'll agree that it's a great utility for use at work and at home. Simply set up any number of "Folder Pair" profiles, select folders to include/not include, and get started. (You can also choose to Synchronize or Contribute files, as described in their help.)

      Good luck,
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          CAUTION -

          SyncToy 1.4 is for Win 32 only - doesn't work with Win 64. Still, it is a good tool and can be run in a virtual machine 32 bit mode.

          SyncToy 2 is in BETA but it is the only version to work with Win 64. Note that SyncToy 2 has a major bug that causes it to run extremely slow under "common" conditions.

          Also, SyncToy 2 does not take Daylight Saving into account and therefore thinks that folders may be out of sync and it wants to update - painful if you have thousands of files and many GB of data in synced folders (MS will fix this some time in the future). Please read the Forum posts.

          Caveat emptor (actually, USER beware).