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    Lightroom import - subdirectory naming issue


      I have searched net and these forums for an answer to this question.  Maybe I missed something.


      I use the convention<Drive>\Photos\[YYYY-MM-DD] <PromptforShootDesc>\Filenames.  This is a convention we have used for many years now and we are very pleased with it, so not a convention we want to change.  I used to use Cam2pc to do this, and it did it brilliantly.  That program became abandonware, and Windows has moved on to the point that using that using that program is actually a liability for several reasons (one example: watch out if it rotates your jpgs!)


      Is there a lightroom hack or a plugin that will allow me to add text (jobcode or description of shoot) to the subdirectory name?  Can a customized import preset be created to do this?  I have heard of Ottomanic importer, but I was only barely able to find it.  The code is unsupported as its author has passed on.  I am skittish around programs that are not in wide use and no longer watched over by their authors.


      I am trying to stay away from paying more money for an importer utility if possible, such as downloader pro.


      Thanks for your help!



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          Axel Matt Adobe Community Professional

          I've done a search to the Ottomanic Importer. But all that I found were some foren entries with have an link to the side where the plugin was hosted. But this side seems to be offline for minimum a year.

          The only importer plugin that I've found was the Photo List Importer. I don't know if this done what you want.


          I don't know if there's another plugin available for your requirement.


          Another way is to do the copy of the photos to the hard disk manually into the appropriate structure. After this is done import the files into Lightroom with the option "Add".

          A second option is to do the import in Lightroom with the "copy" from the card to the hard disk to the location <Drive>\Photos\[YYYY-MM-DD]\Filenames. After this is done move the picture in Lightroom to the appropriate folder on the disk.



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            richardplondon Level 4

            LR offers parts of what you want, but unfortunately not all. There's no prompt-me-for-a-name option as there is with exporting.


            But you can individualise a given batch in the Import screen, so far as typing a manual subfolder name to be made inside the destination.


            Also you can have an auto dated scheme inside the destination.


            But infuriatingly you can't as of now, combine these two in any sensible way IMO. It would be great to append text that was chosen each time, to an auto date named folder (you can append fixed text but that is hard to vary per import). And when you try the "Into Subfolder" option you find this applies first, with the date scheme inside that, rather than (as is IMO logical) the other way around.


            So. My suggestion is: use LR's auto date filing scheme "bare" in the first instance. Then immediately or at your later leisure, and optionally, rename the automatically named folder inside LR - appending your descriptive text.


            I'll recommend adding keywords to the same effect anyway onto the photos within that folder, since keywords accompany an image even when exported.


            [I currently don't bother to also individualise the auto dated folders with any text description (I use year / month / day for more selectivity) ... which works OK because I don't operate in a strict event based way or even consider folder location to be primary. Keywords show up in a free text search just as well as words in a folder name would. But we do have the new text filter option on the Folders panel. So if what you describe could be made easier, and happen as part of the import, that would be great.]

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              kgsmith113 Level 1

              Automated processes should drive the workflow where possible.  There will be times when I will forget to add a description afterwards, or just be lazy and postpone it, and then forget it.  It also involves extra steps if a prompt for subdirectory description is not automated.


              Ultimately this means enough to me that I need to find a plugin, or buy a downloader program (how stupid!), or find a free one

              (slightly less stupid).


              I have found the Ottomanic plugin file on github (after much searching).  Downoaded and unzipped.   Norton Security has quarantined Sendkeysahk.exe, a part of the program set,  as a disreputable aspect of the program.  I am interested in hearing from people like me who are using a good downloader solution.




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                WobertC Adobe Community Professional

                I agree +1 with everything said by Richard in Post#2 above.

                I believe that it is much simpler and quicker to use the Destination panel like this screen-clip.

                It is less time-consuming than having to use other software to download photos and then import to Lightroom as a second step. It only requires you to type the folder-name when you download/Import (having selected a 'parent' folder for the new sub-folder).


                (OTOH- I personally use the 'automated' import to dated folder, then rename the folder immediately. )


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                  richardplondon Level 4

                  Obviously, it does depend whether your card contains images from multiple days or not. Provided you had set the camera clock correctly for the timezone change when travelling (lesson learned there, so far as where the division lies between one day's shooting and another's), by auto-filing on date - the copying / importing can be left to happen "hands free".


                  By re-invoking a well tested import preset each time, you can be confident the right thing will happen unsupervised.


                  It consumes no attention and risks no pilot error. All you might want to intervene with, are any batch keywords to apply across this import.


                  If you do want to micromanage the creation of individual dated folders, you can with many models set the camera to begin a fresh folder on the card for each new date. Then it would be easy to select each such folder as the source for import, working in sequence. I don't get sufficient enjoyment from such avoidable pastimes, though, to bother with that. Computers live for this boring stuff... it's only the descriptive part of the folder name that I would need to provide - and that can happen afterwards.