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    LR Classic CC Skipping Files


      Windows 10 (1709)
      Lightroom Classic CC (7.2)


      Problem:In develop module, occasionally star rating a photo will lead to the next photo being applied a 5 star rating automatically. I have autoadvance turned on. Does not seem to make a difference with it disabled (Caps Lock switch).


      So far seems to occur with Nikon JPEG and RAW (NEF) images.

      Metadata panel (within loupe view) restricted to camera model and lower toolbar filter of 2+ star (*) rating applied.




      Photo 1 is rated 2 stars. Apply three star rating to image (either via '3' or mouse select rating. Image auto-advances to Photo 2, automatically applies 5 star rating and auto-proceeds to Image 3.



      Image 1 should rate 3 stars (on application of said stars) and then auto-advance to Image 2, which should remain at 2 stars and not automatically apply a five (5) star rating.


      Solutions? Lightroom Classic CC — The desktop-focused app


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