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    D11 graphic an text issues

      I've experienced numerous instances of D11 failing to display text in field cast members onscreen in the authoring environment. I'll be working on the project and the text just disappears. The only way I've found to get it back is to quit Director and start again.
      I'm now seeing this sme behavior in the application made by Director.
      Mac OSX 10.5.2 Intel iMac
      Along with this Director occasionally stops rendering the screen altogether and just displays solid black in the window. This occurs both in the authoring environment and in applications it produces.
      Buttons still respond to mouse clicks and it doesn't crash.
      Have to restart the app or Director to recover.

      Anyone else experiencing anything like this?


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          edb00 Level 1
          More info on the text in fields disappearing...

          This seems to happen when the font is Verdana. If the field contains text in Geneva or Song font it doesn't disappear. Haven't tried others...

          Could this be linked the font selection list not displaying all of the available fonts on the system??
          My font selection list popup quits at Tekton...
          The list needlessly list all variants of each font. ie It shows over 30 variants of Arno Pro.