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    Problem Deploying


      I've had trouble deploying quite a complex Cairngorm solution so I created a mere Hello World application and tried to deploy that ~ fortunately with the same result, which makes me think that I am overlooking something simple.

      Essentially, both applications (complex Cairngorm and simple HelloWorld) deploy ok locally. But neither work when deployed and both display the same symptoms:

      When browsing to the wrapper .html file , random characters are gererated back to the browser, a view sourse fails to reveal any html. Here's an illustration: x¬TQoÓ ~¯Ôÿ`òi âatͤml0mÓ^‘›8Ém×»p礫ÿߥ¥ƒ§1– etc
      When browsing to the SWF file I merely get a white screen. But as I used a white background in my application I changed it to red, recompiled and redeployed it and still I only get the white screen.
      Although I added a crossdomain file in the root I don't think I need to as the application only accesses 'jpg files and .flv videos in a folder under the directory that the rest is deployed in.

      Any hints?

      Kind regards,