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    Home Position, Keyframes, or Data Export?


      Is there any way to set a puppet pose as a home position to return to after a sequence? As an interactive developer I'm looking for a way to play animation more procedurally. The ability to export data would be awesome. I'd love to play a certain animation based on a condition and then return home to achieve a seamless transition.


      I saw the pose to pose feature, but I'm not sure that addresses the issue. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks.

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          alank99101739 Level 4

          If it was a different puppet per sequence, you could make the default positions of the artwork the starting point - but I assume you want multiple sequences from the same artwork.


          I would suggest looking at blends and single frame takes. You can do say a single frame take (CTRL-1) and fudge keyframing using blends. But if you had a single keyframe take at the start, you could then duplicate it and drag it to the end (or one frame past the end of the duration of the take).


          By blends, I mean you can do several one frame takes, then extend each one by dragging on the edges (if you zoom in close enough). You can then use the “blend” capability to go from one X/Y/scale value to the next. Sort of like poor man’s key framing.


          But I don’t know of a generic feature to do this.