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    Bridge Workspace reverts to default

    MTerrien Level 1

      I posted this problem back in November 2017 and never got a fix that worked so I thought I would try again.


      Since the latest update of Bridge I can't get Bridge to open with a custom Workspace. It often opens with my workspace called "Mike's Space" but shows the default workspace and I'm forced to reset the workspace to get my workspace back.

      I created my workspace by customizing the default "Essentials Workspace" and then saving it as "Mike's Space". How do I get "Mike's Space" to show up every time I open Bridge?


      This use to work all the time before the last update so something has changed in the new update. Can you please fix this? I'm really tired of resetting my workspace every time I open Bridge.

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          Are you using Bridge CC 2017 or Bridge CC 2018 now? Bridge CC 2018 is this version


          I do not use the bridge much or use a custom workspace.  But when I do open the bridge it always seems to open in the workspace I closed it in with any changes I made to the workspace. Seems I do not use the bridge much...

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            MTerrien Level 1

            Yes, that's the version I'm using. After I reset it my space stays that way all day long. It's when I open it the next day that it comes up wrong.

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              mark-heaps Adobe Community Professional

              Is this windows or mac?


              It sounds like you are on the latest version of CC. Is this machine owned and administered by you or is this a work computer that has any administrative prefs helping manage it for remote support, etc? There could be quite a few different things going on, but I'm not having an issue with my workspace opening up to the one I've created.


              Also, have you tried wiping the app using the Adobe App Manager and reinstalling then resync your cloud settings to get back your workspace?

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                MTerrien Level 1

                I am running on Windows. But before I go any further I must reveal a revelation. I was staring at the default Workspaces that come with Bridge and noticed a glaring difference with the default names and my chosen name. "Mike's Space" has an apostrophe and apparently Bridge doesn't like it. I saved my custom workspace again and went with the default name Bridge suggested, Workspace 1. Shutdown my computer and restarted it 4 times and Bridge came up correctly every time. I sure owe the Adobe people an apology. The update didn't cause this problem. Thanks to everyone who tried to help me. I really appreciate it.