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    Moving layers from one group to another

    Martinnel Level 1

      I landed on what I think is a large bug, which I've posted on the the bug report page. I'm hoping it's actually a user error, but while waiting to be set straight, I'm looking on this forum for a workaround.


      Is there a way, in Character Animator (see the other post for why it has to be in Ch and not Ps or Il) to move layers from one group folder to another? Or, alternatively, is there a way to copy the properties (tags, etc.) of one folder and paste then onto another? I haven't found such a solution so far.



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          alank99101739 Level 4

          I don’t know the answer, but some random ideas in case helpful. If you take your “real” puppet and “duplicate” it, then replace the Il/Ps file with another file with identical layer structure, maybe Ch will keep all the tags etc?


          You can also try having two top level objects in the same Il/Ps file. (+MyCharacter and +MyCharacterLowRes as top level layers) You can then hide one and reveal the other, without losing all the puppet Movement recording data. Hopefully when you hide the high res images Ch won’t load them into memory...


          Or else just copy different files over the top of the puppet’s Is/Ps file. The trick however is to have the cut down Ps/Is file to have *identical* layer hierarchy (for the top of the tree where Ch cares about tagging etc) as the larger (higher resolution?) file. Then Ch should just think its an edit, and incorporate the changes like normal.


          But I don’t know - I have never changed the structure of a tree inside CH other than to duplicate, hide/show, and delete.

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            Martinnel Level 1

            Thanks for that Alan. For the most part I am maintaining the file structure between the large and small puppets. My problem here is that the move from Ps to Ch shuffled the folder contents (as detailed in perhaps a bit too much detail here). I had tweaked some stuff within layers in my large Ps file and then saved it as the smaller one.



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              sandral92841196 Level 1

              Hi there, I had the same problem and what I did was to make the layers shareable, ones this is done you can move the layers anywhere in your project. 

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